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Two years ago my manuscript comprised 309K words. One month ago it was 150K. Five minutes ago I finally got it under 100K, the golden goal. Let me show you how.

99,784 words, baby.

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Your Friday Funny

tenureIt’s funny because it’s . . . no, really, it’s not that funny, is it?



It’s Summer! So What!


Yesterday was Memorial Day, the Official Start Of Summer.  For me and others of my tribe, it is an important reminder that pure scholarship time–time for research and writing outside of normal academic-year requirements and maybe even free from certain family distractions–is fleeting.  Even though I have enjoyed a full year away from most of those things, I cannot escape the sense of a looming deadline, especially as the calendar tells me that only two weeks remain before the barbarians invade the Mind Palace my kids are on their summer break.  Time to hunker.