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Meet Scrumpy

DSC_0762My not-well-earned break from writing a lot of crummy words into a crummy chapter today was a Twitter break where I learned that today is National Dog Day.  Look: there is a website (with sponsors!), so this must be a real thing (never mind that it has an official founder, who describes herself as a “pet and family lifestyle expert”; excuse me while I go update my c.v. likewise).

Anyhoo, seems a reasonable opportunity to introduce my veritable dozens of readers to the “canine copilot” mentioned in the blog header.  Behold Scrumpy, who spends her days at my side when I am home writing.  She’s not a huge help when I am trying to figure out how to turn a phrase or identify just the right word that I used to know but has since slipped my mind, but she’s a great audience in never ever interrupting when I read out parts of drafts or as a companion to walk around during a writing break and she never ever says “that’s a bunch of crap” when I tell her my latest awesome idea.  And it’s helpful to have someone around to ostensibly talk to during the day; otherwise it’s just me and the dead architects who haunt me.

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