Monthly Archives: March 2015

Back in the Swing of Things

lindyMaybe that’s the wrong analogy.  Swing requires swift coordination and the ability to keep smiling when you’re upside down, and that really hasn’t been the case in the two+ weeks I’ve been home.

It’s been tough to get back to the routine of family life AND keep up research/writing AND embrace a neat new opportunity to contribute to my main professional group AND address important stuff going on in my home institution.  The idea that sabbatical insulates a person from all other aspects of life and work is a nice one, maybe, but not realistic, unless a person feels OK with missing other opportunities that might come and go.

But then again maybe I can just lay this all at the feet of the stupid month of March.  I was looking in my journal from last year at this time; almost every entry is about finishing grant applications, worrying about fellowships, struggling to keep up with the normal school year while preparing for sabbatical.  Maybe there’s something to March just being the most angsty of months in the academic calendar.  I’m willing to accept that, to try and get some semblance of something done in the next few weeks, and then turn back into a productive person in April.