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How I Spent the First Day of Classes


Here’s what I did instead of attending the first day of the semester at my university:

Instead of: I was:
6:30 jostling with my kids for the bathroom drinking coffee
7:00 driving to campus walking the dog back from kids’ bus stop
8:30 fighting with Wi-Fi/photocopier/etc. poking around the garden; roasting tomatoes
9:00 holding my first class doing paperwork for the dean
10:00 attending convocation doing paperwork for the provost
11:00 holding my second class making coffee & opening up the MS
12:30 calling four floors down to see how it was going in my DH’s part of the school calling from twelve miles away to see how it was going in my DH’s part of the school
1:30 eating a salad at my on-campus office desk while answering advisee email and checking Facebook eating a salad at my at-home make-shift stand-up desk while running spellcheck on the chapter du jour and checking Facebook
2:00 talking to colleagues talking to the dog
3:30 fighting with Wi-Fi/photocopier/etc. and wondering if my kids were getting rained on walking home from the bus stop running spellcheck while waiting at the bus stop to pick them up
4:30 zooming from one town to the next to get viola player to his lesson thinking about leaving for viola lesson; blogging


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