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interstitial lull


I have concluded my England trip with the regular combination of sadness in leaving a wonderful place, relief to get back to home & hearth, regret at what I wasn’t able to see/do, gratitude for the opportunity to have seen and done so much.  Unusually, another big trip is on the horizon in just over two weeks’ time, so this fortnight (give or take) is a weird lull.  I don’t like lulls: there’s not really enough time to get involved in the big project, but they’re not brief enough to justify loafing about.  Top priorities: unpacking and cleansing the well-worn travel togs, remembering how to cook and care for additional people, bracing for a few fast-approaching social events, reclaiming my work space from the onslaught of the invaders during my absence, and trying not to spend too much time fiddling with the 2263 photos I took in London and Oxford–my best portals back to wonderful memories of fabulous places.

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