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When the Archivist says the Thing I Most Wanted To See Is Missing/Unavailable/Not On The Shelf/Apparently Lost to Me Forever

He was nice about it, very apologetic.  Took my contact info in case the Archives Fairy suddenly reveals where it is held.  But still.  UGH.

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How to approach your self-imposed deadline to submit the proposal

This is the best thing ever.  I should skip this whole publication thing, cut to the chase and just contact Scorsese directly to get busy on the inevitable film vision.  It’s so great.  Well it’s pretty great.  It’s very good.  Maybe it’s not perfect.  Maybe it’s not that great. No one wants to read this. I don’t even want to read this anymore. I should have been a pastry chef.


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Come At Me

OK chapter 17, you won today. But tomorrow I am coming at you with my big virtual red pen and a giant digital Viking axe and you are losing those 2375 excess words. Oh it’s happening.