Wonky Weather

junoI remember, on the day I decided to do my sabbatical research in Washington, DC, distinctly thinking: Middle Atlantic “winter:” so much milder than Chicago winter. This will feel like spring break!  In retrospect, it’s funny, funny, funny.  Tonight the East Coast is bracing for one wicked nasty storm, and although DC will probably only get the weeny tail end of it, there could be enough snow to separate me from another chunk of nineteenth-century correspondence in the Manuscripts Division of the LOC–which is not as bad as having three feet of snow crush your roof, so I guess I will just sit tight and see if tomorrow is destined to be a Writing At Home Day.

In the meantime, being out of the major danger allows me to indulge in this winter blast as the perfect backdrop to my current extracurricular reading, the Poetic Edda.  If this whole weather system is Thor’s overly enthusiastic sign of approval for my choice of reading material, I apologize to everyone currently scrambling to a Wawa in hopes of getting bread and milk before the power goes out.  Then again, if he’s just mad that the storm has been named Juno, rather than, say, Frigg, that’s totally on the Weather Channel.

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