What’s Been Up For Two Weeks / Bonus Wisdom From Ron Swanson

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Last week was Thanksgiving, and for some nutty reason public schools now think kids need a whole week off at this point of the  year.  So, house full of Hobbits–or let me rephrase, Mind Palace invaded by Hobbits–I went into the week knowing there was not going to be a lot of work done, and so it was.  And maybe that’s alright to self-assign a vacation week, although I am sure lots of people looking at Sabbatical-land imagine it’s one big vacation.  That’s not true, although I do believe I am working something more like a 40-hour week than I do during a typical academic year, and spending much more of my workweek in my slippers than normal.

So I took Thanksgiving week off.  On Tuesday the Hobbits and I went to the Art Institute of Chicago to see the newly-opened Islamic galleries, so that was nice.  On Thursday we hosted 15 people for Thanksgiving dinner, which almost never never ever happens when I am teaching, so that was nice too.

This week, I’m back at it.  Day in, day out, editing like nuts and wondering (still) at what point you pull the plug on the editing.  Sadly, Ron Swanson does not address this particular question.  Still, his words are worth reviewing.

Happy weekend.


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