Gold Star Award #1

Slide2This week I have been working through the chapters of my manuscript (the first draft of which was wrapped up last summer) from beginning to end.  As of today at 3PM or so I finished #10, which is one-third of the files.  Granted, these are the chapters I have already worked over a fair bit, but still, that’s 10 chapters x about 5,000 words each.  That’s a lot of words. Most of them are pretty good; a few of them, kinda great; only a brief wave of crappiness got me down earlier in the week.  Still, I’m feeling pretty good about the progress I made overall, and if I don’t give myself a gold star, who will?

Although it’s not been a full five-day week, tomorrow I will be engaged in a very important day-long extra-curricular activity, so for now I need to shut down the Great Work and think about other things.  I guess technically it is a holiday weekend too, so I won’t feel badly about taking the break.  And you shouldn’t either.  Ciao!

P.S. If you are also deserving of a gold star for achievement in editing, by all means, feel free to borrow mine.  Just please return it by Tuesday morning, since I may need the encouragement to get started again.

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