Reading List: Turkey


With less than 24 hours left before my flight, I suppose it’s time to face up to my ambitious reading list being a bit too ambitious to cram in to the past few weeks after the conclusion of the semester along with the conference in England.  Still, I made a pretty good review of most of these titles and intend to conquer them all.  Eventually.


Irene A. Bierman, et al., eds.,  The Ottoman City and its Parts: Urban Structure and Social Order (Aristide D Caratzas, 1991)

Sibel Bozdoğan, Modernism and Nation Building: Turkish Architectural Culture in the Early Republic (University of Washington Press, 2001)

Sibel Bozdoğan & Esra Akcan, Turkey: Modern Architectures in History (Reaktion, 2012)

Zeynep Çelik, Empire, Architecture and the City: French-Ottoman Encounters, 1830-1914; Studies in Modernity and National Identity series, (University of Washington Press, 2008)

Zeynep Çelik, The Remaking of Istanbul: Portrait of an Ottoman City in the Nineteenth Century (University of Washington Press, 1986)

Giovanni Curatola, Turkish Art and Architecture, from the Seljuks to the Ottomans (Abbeville Press, 2010)

Godfrey Goodwin, A History of Ottoman Architecture (Thames & Hudson, 1971

Halil Inalcik, The Ottoman Empire: The Classical Age, 1300-1600 (Viking, 1973)

Doğan Kuban, Ottoman Architecture (Antique Collectors’ Club, 2010)

Le Corbusier, Journey to the East (MIT Press, 2007)

William S. W. Lim & Jiat-Hwee Chang, eds., Non West Modernist Past (World Scientific Publishing Co., 2012

Richard Yeomans, Art and Architecture of Ottoman Istanbul


Guide Books

Culture Shock!  Customs and Etiquette in Turkey (Arin Bayraktaroğlu)

Istanbul Select

Eyewitness Travel Turkey

Eyewitness Travel Istanbul

Blue Guide Istanbul

Rough Guide Turkey

Something In-Between

Barrie Kerper, ed.  Istanbul: The Collected Traveler/An Inspired Companion Guide (Vintage, 2009)

Leanne Kitchen, Turkey: More than 100 Recipes with Tales from the Road (Chronicle, 2012)

Hilary Sumner-Boyd and John Freely, Strolling through Istanbul, rev. ed. (Tauris Parke, 2014)


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